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90 Zhejiang hit off the R & D 3D food printer ten minutes play exquisite dinner

Above for the 3D food printer, the following two plans for the 3D print food.

Put in the windows of the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx, the demon "Hu Pakistan, queued riotous with colour. Side of the desk, "tick tock" sound, a fire red rose with the swing of the smart nozzle shape gradually. After forming the three-dimensional rose put in the tray and handed a reporter Li Jing Yuan Bao, faint fragrance assail the nostrils, could not help but put in the mouth, sweet feeling instantly filled with taste buds.

5, into the Hangzhou No. 525 Xixi Road, Zhejiang science and Technology Park B block, room 106, which is 100 square meters of office printing technology. Li Jingyuan, founder of the scene demonstration, to meet the reporter on the 3D food printer all the imagination. In front of the printer, the golden rose, exquisite and fashionable, with previously seen thrum exposed and large industrial 3D printers compared. This SHINNOVE-S1 3D food printer more like is a piece of art, Yaguang metal shell frame, a corner of the streamlined design, "tide" temperament blow on the face and. In addition to the tide, and "better", has 4 patents.

Time to turn back this year, "five one". Location: near the bird's nest in Beijing. In the global mobile Internet Conference on science and technology fair, SHINNOVE-S1 new debut. The budding this food printer. In less than 10 square meters of exhibition hall at the scene operation, print out a variety of tastes, a variety of forms of biscuits, chocolate, attracted waves "Chihuo" to come to the onlookers. Days on display, so that printing science and technology venture partners felt "tired and value", more than two years of dormant period to the completely independent research and development design of 3D food printer batch production.

Technology and delicacy, vision, taste and imagination and mastery. This is so far less able to print biscuits, chocolate, pastry, meat, four categories of food products. Control and so convenient, simply connected through mobile phones, tablet, USB and printer body side USB interface, on the top of the fuselage of the touch screen, click to select the three-dimensional picture, after about 10 minutes, art in general food "baked". If you love graffiti you love design, no problem, led as long as the conversion into STL format on them altogether can be printed, meet your brain hole open when all the ideas.

Technology entrepreneurship is a long and difficult journey. Time printing technology of the entrepreneurial triangle are from Zhejiang University. College of computer science and technology, Department of industrial design, the young handsome guy Li Jing Yuan Bao, School of public administration, Department of business administration, steady seniors Gao Shuai, Department of mechanical engineering technology of behind the scenes Ph.D. he permanent, carry out their duties. Relying on the Zhejiang provincial 3D printing laboratory, the national CAD laboratory, Zhejiang University of Technology, print ingredients R & D, 3D food printer after three stages from design to research and development, and finally into the mass production. Only to the body a little print needle, for example, from the initial 1.2 mm print needle and R & D team after thousands of trials try. Today's precision can be up to 0.4 mm, let print modelling more uncompromising attention to detail.

Founder Li Jingyuan is 90, after studying in Zhejiang University, founded the magic association, 3D Printing Association, took the industrial design of the "Oscar" German Red Dot Design Award, then abandon research, adhere to the venture. As a man of Shanghai, he decided to stay in Hangzhou,, chasing after the dream to print to enter the ordinary people's home.

In front of the rose gold food printer, 10 times faster than the conventional FDM plastic printer to print speed, let the hungry DIY enthusiasts, without time-consuming too long, we will be able to enjoy by themselves personally design and print out all kinds of food. Types derived from the four major categories of food, can not imagine, biscuit ingredients can join the mango juice, black currant, sesame paste, peanut butter, walnut powder etc., pastry can include mung bean, red bean paste, purple sweet potato, lotus seed paste, etc., with a variety of chocolate, meat, is not can do a table "Crazy Town animal"? Can not "Avengers" one please plate? Close your eyes and imagine, is not immediately tongue Sheng Jin, elated?

Li Jingyuan told reporters, this 3D food printer can set different temperature for different ingredients, in the printing process, can achieve constant temperature control, fully protect the nutritional components of the ingredients. Imagine love fussy babies, see print various ingredients from the familiar with the beautiful sheep sheep, cool grey wolf, air rabbit "Judy" slow sloths "lightning", the health will let you double the appetite.

The first batch of 3 generations of Hangzhou factory production of nearly one hundred sets of food printers, pricing is more than 100 yuan, cheaper than similar devices on the market, has been sold out, and the order has been discharged to the next month. Phase 3D food printer products are mostly parent-child education, food and beverage, leisure and entertainment, wedding and other institutions. Li Jingyuan said, the next step, they will be designed to develop a more sophisticated and able to mix the printing of portable devices. In Changxin National University Science Park, a special time to build the production plant has begun to prepare. Soon after, the 3D food printer will be mass produced here.

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